Unidentified White Male Infant

White Male Infant
Date Found: December 4, 2008
Location: near Conway, Horry County, SC
Sex: Male
Race: White
Birth Range: November/December 2008
Approximate age at time of death: newborn - a few hours to a few days

Narrative: The newborn infant was found in the woods off of Meadowbrook Drive, just outside Conway, SC on December 04, 2008. The infant was found in a blue and white colored Bath & Body Works tote bag.

Police urge the public to look for any signs they may remember in women who may have been the mother of the baby. Look for a woman who may have been pregnant in December of 2008. Signs she may have shown after the birth: she may have suffered from dizzy spells, fainting episodes, excessive crying, oversleeping, and an extended menstrual cycle - lasting two weeks or longer. She may have shown these signs in January 2009.

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Bath & Body Works Tote Bag