Evidence Control

The Evidence Control Department is responsible for the acceptance and storage of all evidence submitted to the Forensic Services Laboratory. Over 20,000 cases are received annually by the Evidence Control Department. In this section, Forensic Technicians retrieve evidence from the Evidence Submission Lockers and enter corresponding case information into the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The evidence is barcoded and disseminated to the appropriate department for analysis. Upon completion of forensic analyses, the evidence remains secure in the evidence room until it is returned to the submitting agency or other authorized official.

The Evidence Control Department is responsible for the distribution of Evidence Collection Kits such as Sexual Assault Kits, Suspect Kits, Blood/Urine Collection Kits, B.E.S.T. Evidence Kits and GSR (Gun Shot Residue) Kits. 

The Forensic Services Laboratory is located at 4416 Broad River Road and accepts evidence for the following departments: Crime Scene (Footwear/Tire Tread Analysis, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis/Crime Scene Reconstruction), DNA Casework, Drug Analysis, Firearms, Latent Print, Questioned Document, Toxicology, and Trace Evidence. Convicted Offender and Arrestee samples, as well as samples from DJJ, are also accepted for the DNA Database Department.